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A couple of days ago I mentioned that I was going to do a post on accessorizing! WELL this is just going to be a quick post about the joys of accessorizing. I’m only going to cover the basics here, but just enough to prove to you that a few little extras can take an outfit from complete blah to unique and conversation starting!!

First we take the basic black camisk from Haven Designs. Cute, right? Not too flashy, its a very sexy cut, but other than that its very basic.

Now see how just adding a statement necklace to it changes the look completely? This gorgeous necklace is part of the “Dorset” Set from Aglaia. The set also comes with earrings, so if you’re a pierced ear girl, those can be added as well. The set below (and the one at the beginning of this post) are also from Aglaia and are part of their “Chandani” set! Very cute, especially if you’re a wagon girl or you like nose piercings!

The rest of these accessories are more playful things. I’m going to start with a few from Ever After, a store with ADORABLE little accessories that add a whimsical ethereal touch to any outfit. The first is their “Strawberries and Fireflies” leg accessory. Its a cute little jar thats strapped to your thigh, complete with strawberries and (yes, you guessed it!) fireflies! And the fireflies glow and move around inside the jar!

Then there’s the “Seekrit Diary” which is a cuddly teddy bear and a leatherbound diary also strapped to your thigh. So cute, and it can spark role-play when there’s a dip in conversation. Just whip it off your leg and start doing something with it! Very cute.

Next there’s an adorable set of ears from Magic Nook that I picked up at the melt! event. I just went to the store the other day, and they have them in a soft cuddly grizzly brown, which is just as cute! Love love love it! Plus, its visibly on a headband, so you won’t be accused of being unrealistic! Just say you sewed it while you weren’t being roleplayed, and then wiggle your eyebrows up and down suggestively. (LOL)

There’s also this cute little butt sign from Bombard! They have TONS of RP sparking accessories here, for all variations of characters! Plus, they’re inexpensive, so bring all your friends and teach them your newfound ways of accessorizing!

Finally, I have this absolutely adorable backpack from Tyranny Designs! I love their clothes (nearly bankrupted myself when they had a sale) and when I found this cuddly little knapsack with the (ironic) sign on the back, I HAD to get it! They have a number of different signs for the backpack, plus just the safety pinned sign you can attach to the back of your shirt if you’re not feeling the bunnypack.

So thats just the basics of accessorizing! Pile it on or use one statement making piece; it’s entirely up to you how you choose to accent your outfit.

25L Tuesday!

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Its tuesday and we all know what that means: AN AWESOME REASON TO SHOP! Yay! I picked up some super cute stuff from all of my favorite stores (IMPulse, GorGirls, Silkworms, etc.) but I think I’m caught in a rut. I end up only going to these stores and not even trying the other places on the lists. So today, I went to ALL of them, and I found some super cute things!

Lets start with all of my typical stores. 

GorGirls had all of the colors of their SOFT outfit on the wall along with a cute pants/shirt combo (not pictured) for the free women outlaws!

Silkworms had a really adorable freewoman outfit complete with an obnoxiously cute floppy hat! Whats under the dress is pretty sexy as well, always fun to layer lusty undergarments under a more conservative dress/outfit. It gives you the fun of keeping (or NOT keeping!) a naughty secret!!

So while I found a bunch of cute outfits and some cool furniture, the following are my personal favorites:

First from Returned Karma we have this adorable outfit, with cutesy primwork on the belt and shoes, including a cage complete with a VULO (!!!) on the hip! How cute is that?! Love this one, and I’ll definitely be coming back to this store to check out what else they have to offer.

Second from BlackCat Bones we have this simple, but cute camisk. Easy to accessorize, even with the simple addition of the watch on the hip by skream! which is only 50L might I add.

Finally there was this sexy little silks set by Pure Poison. I don’t have many silks, so I decided I’m going to do a post about silks! But I need your help; comment this post with a slurl to your favorite place(s) to buy silks! I think in the right circumstances they can be very sexy and appropriate, and I think they get a bad rep, so here it goes! The revival of the silks! Kinda, don’t blame me if you get called a silkie (LOL).

All’s fair in LOVE and War(paint)!

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I picked up the fatpack of these ADORABLE face paints from tres blah the other day. They’re so cute and playful, I had to get them! Plus with the assortment of colors, you can pair them up with any outfit.

Speaking of outfits, this is an outfit from Silkworms, and I’m not entirely sure if its for a panther or for a slave, but I liked it. There are some really cute prim details, like the feathers on the belt (which is very well done), a necklace (not shown), and an adorable book strapped on behind! It seems that so many girls and boys out there are wearing cute outfits, but they just look incomplete without a fun playful accessory to liven up the ensemble. I’m thinking about doing a post on accessories later, simply because you can have four or five staple clothing items and make endless arrangements of different outfits using different accessories and hairstyles.

On Mara:

TRUTH – “Emme” in swedish

Silkworms – “Trophy” in green

LAQ – “Pearl” in Peach

TresBlah – Facepaint in “Wannabe Cool”

What is this?!

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Good gor! is a website about fashion and fun in the roleplay world of Gor in Second Life. Its very simple, not very by the books, but still a very playful (and often tongue in cheek) take on the life of a slave in the world created by John Norman. There may be a few guest appearances from other people, some free some collared, all showing the different aspects of characters that break the molds of the stereotypical.